Public Deliverables

This link will publish the NLAFET public deliverables.

The first two deliverables appeared in Q1-2016 and belonged to WP7 – Dissemination and community outreach. These two deliverables concern the NLAFET plan for dissemination and community outreach, and the NLAFET collaborative infrastructure, respectively. This was followed shortly by the draft specification for hybrid (batched) BLAS).

During Q3-2017, several deliverables were uploaded. These belong to WP2 – WP7.

WP2 – Dense Linear Systems and Eigenvalue Problem Solvers

WP3 – Direct Solution of Dense Linear Systems

WP4 – Communication-Optimal Algorithms for Iterative Methods

WP5 – Challenging Applications – a Selection (Materials science, power systems, study of energy solutions, and data analysis in astrophysics)

WP6 – Cross-Cutting Issues

WP7 – Dissemination and community outreach

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