NLAFET Software Library

The table below lists the current repositories on GitHub NLAFET. Repositories will be made public (instead of private) whenever the codes are robust enough to be released. New repositories will be added and occasionally some existing repositories will be merged.

Repository name Brief description
BBLAS-ref Batched BLAS reference implementation
plasma Snapshot of PLASMA library
SEVP-PDHSEQR-Alg953 Standard eigenvalue problem solvers
GEVP-PDHGEQZ Generalized eigenvalue problem solvers
Eigen-reorder Eigenvalue reordering in Schur forms
Eigenvectors Eigenvector computation
Highly-Unsymmetric Sparse solver for highly unsymmetric
SpLLT Sparse LLT solver for A = AT positive definite
SpLDLT Sparse LDLT for A = AT indefinite
preAlps Kernels for preconditioned iterative methods
enlargedKrylov Enlarged Krylov methods
PCP-runtime Parallelizing the critical path
  • The parallel programming models used include MPI, OpenMP, StarPU, and ParSEC.
  • By using task-based runtime systems we aim at strongly parallel software for heterogeneous extreme scale systems.
  • For more information see the deliverable Beta Release of the NLAFET Library.