PPAM 2017

Birgitte Brydso   October 10, 2017   No Comments on PPAM 2017

NLAFET sent several participants to PPAM 2017 (September 10-13, 2017), where they presented some of their ongoing research.  Persons in bold made the presentation at the conference.

  • On the Tunability of a New Hessenberg Reduction Algorithm Using Parallel Cache AssignmentMahmoud Eljammaly, Lars Karlsson and Bo Kågström
  • Blocked Algorithms for Robust Solution of Triangular Linear SystemsCarl Christian Kjelgaard Mikkelsen and Lars Karlsson
  • Experiments with sparse Cholesky using a parametrized task graph implementation – Florent Lopez and Iain Duff
  • A Task-Based Algorithm for Reordering the Eigenvalues of a Matrix in Real Schur FormMirko Myllykoski

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