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Working Notes 17-18 published and available.

Working Notes 17 and 18 have been uploaded: WN17 – Sparse direct solution on parallel computers, Iain Duff, Florent Lopez, and Stojce Nakov WN18 – An Auto-Tuning Framework for a NUMA-Aware Hessenberg Reduction Algorithm, Mahmoud Eljammaly, Lars Karlsson, and Bo Kågström The full list of published Working Notes can be found on this page:  

Working Notes 14-16 published and available!

WN14 – Experiments with sparse Cholesky using a parametrized task graph implementation, Iain Duff and Florent Lopez WN15 – PLASMA 17 Functionality Report Parallel BLAS and Norms, Linear Systems and Least Squares, Mixed Precision and Matrix Inversion, Maksims Abalenkovs, Jack Dongarra, Mark Gates, Azzam Haidar, Jakub Kurzak, Piotr Luszczek, Mawussi Zounon, Samuel Relton, Jakub Sistek, David Stevens, Ichitaro Yamazaki, Asim… Read more »