NLAFET Software Library

The codes developed and distributed in the context of the NLAFET project are hosted on the GitHub platform and are available via the link GitHub NLAFET. In the table below, the public repositories that together constitute the NLAFET library software are listed and organized according to the following topics:

  • Dense matrix factorizations and solvers
  • Solvers and tools for standard and generalized dense eigenvalue problems
  • Sparse direct factorizations and solvers
  • Communication optimal algorithms for iterative methods
  • Cross-cutting tools
Repository name Brief description
BBLAS-ref Batched BLAS reference implementation
plasma Snapshot of PLASMA library
PlaStar Some StarPU implementations
SEVP-PDHSEQR-Alg953 Standard eigenvalue problem solvers
GEVP-PDHGEQZ Generalized eigenvalue problem solvers
StarNEig StarPU nonsymmetric eigenvalue problem solvers
SpLLT Sparse LLT solver for A = AT, positive definite
SyLVER Symmetrically stuctured factorizations
ParSHUM Sparse LU solver for highly unsymmetric matrices
BC Hybrid solver based on block Cimmino for square and rectangular systems
preAlps Preconditioned iterative methods and enlarged Krylov method
PCP-runtime Parallelizing the critical path
ABFT Tiled factorizations with ABFT
  • The parallel programming models used include MPI, OpenMP, StarPU, and ParSEC.
  • By using task-based runtime systems we aim at strongly parallel software for heterogeneous extreme scale systems.
  • For more information see the D7.8 deliverable Release of the NLAFET library.